Prescriber programs

ASHM administers the s100 certification programs for HIV and hepatitis B prescribers of highly specialised drugs. We are the accrediting HIV prescriber agency in all Australian jurisdictions other than Victoria, which is managed by the Victorian HIV and Hepatitis Integrated Training And Learning (VHHITAL). These programs provide initial training, ongoing support, and continuing professional development activities for prescribers across all states and territories in Australia.

In addition, General Practitioners and authorised Nurse Practitioners are now able to directly prescribe antivirals for the treatment of hepatitis C. We offer ongoing support and training for healthcare professionals treating hepatitis C, and maintain prescriber maps for all three programs to help patients find prescribers in their community.

Join us in our mission to ensure that patients receive safe and effective treatment. Become a prescriber today.

If you are a prescriber looking to manage your registration and listing, please log in to the prescriber portal.

More about the regulatory regime

HIV and hepatitis B medications are subject to a restricted prescribing regime, which means that only approved medical practitioners (known as s100 prescribers) can prescribe these medications. These prescribers have undergone specific training and education to become qualified to prescribe these medications, and they are subject to ongoing monitoring and auditing to ensure they are prescribing safely and appropriately.

Hepatitis C medications are also subject to specific prescribing requirements, but these are less restrictive than the regimes for HIV and hepatitis B. Under current regulations, any medical practitioner can prescribe hepatitis C medications, but they must do so in accordance with specific guidelines and protocols, and within their scope of practice.

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