Health information strengthening

We work to strengthen local, national, and global health information management through a participatory approach, building capacity and promoting a healthy data culture.

Strong health information management systems are critical for ensuring high-quality care and improving health outcomes. To this end, we work with our partners to promote the establishment and maintenance of a healthy data culture that drives high-quality data across the data feedback cycle. 

Our Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning team plays a key role in this effort by building the capacity of health workforce to submit required forms, project staff to manage and analyse data, and management to translate and use data to improve services and programs. 

Through our participatory approach, we support the development of tailored, evidence-based data management strategies that consider the unique needs and contexts of the local health system. By strengthening systems and people, we enable improved local, national, and global data management and translation, driving positive change and advancing health systems strengthening. 

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